Precision Knife SharpeningJenCo Micro Edge provides precision knife sharpening and grinding service for companies of all sizes. Our Gockel Knife Grinders are German-engineered to give you the finest edge for your cutting needs. We have made the investment to equip our shop with the best and it shows. You can count on our industrial knife sharpening experts for a 0-2 RA finish and unmatched quality our competitors can’t touch.

Our Sharpening Process
We begin with cleaning and inspection to evaluate blades for any cracks or knicks and capture careful measurements to ensure the cutting surface will be in tolerance following service. Knives are surface ground on state-of-the-art Gockel Grinders and carefully inspected for quality. After final honing, knives are again inspected to ensure a flawless finish you can count on.

Comprehensive Service Driven By Precision
In addition to full-service sharpening, we offer straightening services to correct bowed knives and comprehensive grinding solutions to ensure a perfect finish. We know our service is as important as the quality blades we deliver and provide comprehensive solutions you can trust from pickup and delivery to inventory management to give you peace-of-mind that your cutting equipment is on the leading edge of performance.

We are committed to excellence in our work and our service and offer a 100% money back guarantee. Call us today to learn more.


Knife StraighteningThe industrial knife straightening experts at JenCo understand the importance of precision in today’s accelerated manufacturing environment. As blades wear over time, bowed steel can lead to surfaces that are out of tolerance – impacting accuracy and overall performance.

Our Straightening Process
At JenCo, our team of knife sharpening and straightening experts will evaluate your cutting surfaces to determine if straightening can extend the life of your blade and provide an alternative to more costly replacement. Our comprehensive commercial knife straightening services begin with evaluation, cleaning and careful inspection to ensure your blades will meet all size and tolerance requirements following service. Our state-of-the-art Gockel Knife Straightener machines are unmatched and deliver the ultimate in precision straightening. Following straightening, we conduct rigorous quality control to ensure the blade returned to you is a perfect fit for your equipment needs.

Quality You Can Trust. Service You Can Count On.
At JenCo Micro Edge, we are committed to keeping your machines running on point. We back our work with a 100% money back guarantee and commitment to first-class service – delivering on-time, every time to keep you up and running. Reach out to learn more about how quality straightening service can extend the life of your equipment and drive efficiency for your business.


Blade and Knife GrindingIf it chops, cuts, slits or grinds in your manufacturing process, JenCo delivers the service you need to keep it true and precise. Our industrial knife grinding services can extend the life of your blades and ensure they are on point and in tolerance.

Our Gockel Knife Grinders are German-engineered to grind out wear and imperfections that can lead to disruptions in your manufacturing processes. Our grinding experts deliver service with unmatched care and precision to return your blades to their OEM specifications – giving you the finest cutting edge and peace of mind that you are operating with a blade you can count on.

Custom Solutions. Unmatched Precision.
Our shop is equipped with the best equipment and operated by the best team, and it shows. We handle blades of all sizes from small ¾” wide X 2” long knives to industrial machine blades up to 14” wide X 240” long. Our custom grinding solutions can save you time and money over more costly replacement and our services are backed by a 100% money back guarantee. Connect with the team today to learn more.

Fast turns, first-class quality and service you can count on.
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Pickup & Delivery

Jenco Van Pickup and Delivery

At JenCo, we understand the high demands of the manufacturing environment and the need for fast, reliable service. To keep you up and running and to minimize downtime and disruptions, we plan our custom sharpening, grinding and straightening services around your production schedule.

Our full-service approach includes pickup and delivery around the greater Mid-Atlantic region from our shop to yours when and where you need it. We provide on-demand service when you need us in a hurry and can offer the efficiencies and convenience of scheduled delivery. We will work with you to handle all pickup, delivery and shipping logistics and can schedule deliveries to align with your production schedule. For the ultimate in peace-of-mind, we also provide comprehensive inventory management solutions that ensure you always have the blades you need, when you need them.

Where Experience Meets Flexibility
Whether you need blades monthly, weekly, daily or on-demand – JenCo delivers. We are proud of the long-term relationships we have built with customers and stand behind our work with a 100% money back guarantee. Get in touch to schedule your pickup or learn more about how JenCo can help keep your production running on point.


Inventory Management

Knife and Blade Inventory ManagementWe know when it comes to manufacturing, every second counts and nothing is more disruptive than being on a tight deadline and not having the blades you need, when you need them. At JenCo, we provide comprehensive inventory management solutions to give you peace-of-mind that you always have the right blade when you need it.

We partner with businesses of all sizes from small shops with one or two machines to some of the largest manufacturing and printing facilities in the United States, taking time to understand their production processes to map their blade needs with their production schedule. We keep track of in-stock blades, manage sharpening, straightening, grinding and replacement as needed to ensure you always have the right equipment to get the job done.

We manage all the logistics including pickup and delivery and provide value-added services including color coding blades to align with your production processes and equipment systems, ensuring your team on the floor knows what blades to use and where to find them. Our team of industrial knife experts can also provide in-plant training sessions at your location on proper handling of blades to keep everyone safe and in compliance with regulations.

On Time. In Stock. On Point.
Our blade tracking and management services ensure you always have the knives you need to get the job done – eliminating costly downtime. From start to finish, we’ll handle the logistics so you can focus on production. Connect with the team to learn more and discuss how JenCo’s inventory management services can boost your bottom line.